Just imagine, how cool it would be if your kids start doing yoga exercise in early age and learn the importance of health. In later age, they would have strong bodies and the valuable ability to manage stress easily. Yoga practice will teach them to keep a good balance among mind, body and soul.

Young bodies easily achieve flexibility & strength and this is becoming very popular around the globe. Your kids will love our easy, safe and fun yoga sessions this summer.

The Benefits

We start practicing some very important skills in later age because when we’re young we don’t know how vital they could be for our well-being. Why let our little ones repeat the same?

Let’s have a look at the primary benefits of yoga for kids.

  • IMPROVED FOCUS:It helps kids focus better and learn things more efficiently. Young ones are very much prone to distractions and yoga can be highly rewarding.
  • HEALTHY HABIT: Early age determines future habits and yoga can contribute very well towards correct body postures preventing many physical issues in future.
  • BETTER ACTIVITY:Yoga is best alternative to the most common concern of today’s parents i-e excessive screen time. Adopt active lifestyle to train their mind and body.


Young kids can come with their moms in class or join the special kids session on these days.

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday


(No registration fee for kids)

Do you want your child to perform good in exams?

Sometimes they give up due to stress of exams and competition. Don't put your child’s mental and physical health at risk.

Bring them for our special session >> STRESS THERAPY FOR KIDS

It will help them to keep calm and focus on their preparation. They will perform much better in exams with a healthy smile.

They are the future. Let’s cherish them!

Our certified yoga trainer ensures personalized exercising experience having special care, fun and warmth for your kids.
Bring them in to feel happy and healthy.

Raising a kid is always a challenge for parents. Discuss your concerns and problems. I’m right there to help you.

~ Love, Saima Altaf.