Corporate Yoga Workshops

Yoga Studio and Reiki Clinic offers Corporate Yoga Retreats for those looking to rejuvenate their mind and body. It is a comprehensive approach to physical bodily and mental fitness, as well as a person’s well-being and personal extension. Saima Altaf has conducted corporate yoga retreats in northern areas as an enlarged concept of working peacefully in the course of a hectic corporate habitat. An international report by the World Health Organization reveals that depression is the most disabling illness for the corporate sector, second only to cardiovascular diseases. Long hours, multi-tasking, stiff competition, rigorous commute, irregular eating habits, sedentary desk jobs, and bad sitting postures, all combine to create a pool of highly stressed, inefficient, and thus despairing workforce. The benefit of corporate yoga retreats is to encounter this malaise is unmatched by other wellness programs, as the very crux of the Yogic discipline is a mind-body balance. It is the only form of exercise known to increase flexibility, strength, balance, concentration, and breath capacity while reducing stress and anxiety. Corporate yoga retreats also help boost morale and interpersonal communication – which for an employer means no more wrangling groups of discontented individuals, power struggles, or dirty politics.