Yoga Studio and Reiki Clinic offers yoga for children, ages (5 – 12 years old) In today’s world, yoga has helped counter various kinds of pressures that include school pressures, not be able for children to focus, high level of stress during exams, and frequent use of electronics such as phones, iPads, and computers. Parents often do not think technology has an adverse impact on children and how stressful it can be – not to mention the ill-shaped postures. It is proven that yoga at an early age encourages body awareness, self-esteem, mindfulness, intense relaxation, and inner fulfillment with physical activity – non-competitive in nature.

Children derive expansive benefits from yoga. It increases their concentration, ability to focus at an early age and proves a sense of calmness. Asanas promote children’s body posture at an early age, flexibility, and coordination. Yoga and mindfulness are said to have positive psychological benefits for children. Research has shown that yoga can improve focus, memory, academic performance, conduct in class, and reduce anxiety and stress in children.