Yoga is rapidly getting acknowledgement from the medical world for its special powers and now growing as a ‘Healthcare Technology’. The amazing yoga craft that is being used as a therapy for several physical problems around the world is called ‘Clinical Yoga’.

Ms. Saima Altaf is a qualified Clinical Yoga Therapist who has been actively helping individuals in getting rid of chronic physical pains through 1:1 bespoke yoga sessions.

Did you know?

Clinical Yoga Therapy (CYT) can do wonders for your chronic physical pains and other medical conditions.

Some of the proven treatments are these:

  • Clinical yoga has proved to reverse hormonal conditions like PCOD and Diabetes.
  • Yoga relieves migraines.
  • It cures chronic lower back pain.
  • Yoga has also proved to be a factor in lowering inflammation levels in body.
  • Yoga poses are isometric and this quality improves cardiovascular fitness as well as help normalize blood pressure.
  • It soothes nervous system.

You deserve best care

Our certified yoga trainer ensures personalized exercising experience having special care and warmth for you during the yoga class.
Come in to feel happy and light.

Don’t hesitate to reach us with your questions and particular concerns. I’m right there to help you.

~ Love, Saima Altaf.