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About The Instructor – Saima Altaf

In 2000, Saima Altaf started her journey by practicing Yoga in Tripoli, Libya. Her trainers were from India, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. She fell in love with the idea of uniting the body, soul, and mind and would consistently practice yoga and meditation at home. After living half of her life in Libya, she shifted to Pakistan where she received basic and advanced yoga training from the Art of Living in 2007. Saima completed her Tai Chi Training in 2014 in Bali, Indonesia, and attained her 200 HRS from Yoga Alliance International and USA in 2020. In addition to Yoga, Saima is a Certified Master Reiki Practitioner. She has helped transform over 50 people’s lives – be it stress, anxiety, and depression to other forms of diseases such as cancer. Saima started her Reiki journey at the Institute of Mind Sciences by Dr. Moiz Hussain in Islamabad in 2007 and continues to do so, in her studio. In addition, she provides Reiki Attunement to those who are interested. (Levels 1, 2, and 3).

Today, Saima is a  Yoga Certified Trainer and Master Reiki Healer. She runs her own business by the name of Yoga Studio and Reiki Clinic based in Bahria Town, Phase 6, Islamabad where she successfully conducts group classes open to all genders (studio, online, private customized sessions), conducts yoga and reiki workshops, and manages frequent Yoga Retreats in the northern areas of Pakistan.

About the Instructor – Shinab Altaf

Shinab decided to turn to yoga due to thoracic injury while studying long hours. The pain she felt during those days was inexpressible and experienced as if her spine was about to break. She decided to opt for yoga and within three days of her revelation, her thoracic region healed. It was truly an eye-opener for Shinab. She fell in love with the concept of traditional hatha yoga and continues to practice till the present. Today, she has no problem in walking, her flexibility has increased immensely, and has high energy. She decided to study classical Yoga which includes breathing techniques, asanas, relaxation, and meditation tools backed up with medical knowledge and its purpose. Presently, she is a 200 HRS Certified Yoga trainer from Yoga Alliance International, Yoga Alliance USA, and World Federation Yoga.

Shinab has been teaching Yoga at Yoga Studio and Reiki Clinic since 2020. Her mission is to heal people’s issues pertaining to their mental health and well-being. She deals with a range of emotions such as from stress, anxiety, and depression, to other forms of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. In addition, she is a Certified Reiki Master (Level 1, 2, and 3) where she alleviates an individual’s level of stress, anxiety, depression, and other extreme forms of mental illnesses. She takes her clients usually on the one-to-one sessions, preferably at the clinic or online via Zoom. Shinab can be reached at 03317655533.